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What Are Countertop Investment Options?

A lot of care and time goes into the purchase of a new countertop as it is an investment for your home. Oftentimes, people can get lost in choosing the perfect color and material, without giving proper consideration for certain countertop protection precautions. In order to get the most longevity out of your new countertop, we offer quite a few different add-on options. Additionally, services like our digital layout allow a homeowner to see their countertop rendered prior to installation so they can verify the way the pattern lines up is to their expectations. 

We offer the following countertop investment options:

  1. Countertop Chip Minimizer
  2. Countertop Safety Corners
  3. Enhanced Seams
  4. Countertop Digital Layout


Our countertop investment options vary based on the surface. The information we cover below is primarily pertaining to quartz and granite countertops with a few options available for solid surface countertops. Please speak with a member of our team to learn more about the laminate add-on packages.

Countertop Chip Minimizer

Years after installation, the most common service calls we see are related to countertop chipping issues which typically take place near high-traffic areas, such as the sink, where heavy pots and pans are commonly placed. These repairs can be costly, ranging from $400-$800 depending on the damage done to the area which is why this is one of our best-selling countertop investment options that our customers typically add to their purchase.

Our chip minimizer investment option adds a layer of protection by rounding out the area surrounding your sink just enough to protect it from future damage. This service is offered for both quartz as well as natural stone/ granite countertops.

Countertop Chip Minimizer

Digital Countertop Layout

We recommend digital layouts for high variation countertops with a lot of veining or patterns. This process uses high-resolution images of your actual countertop slab(s) to illustrate how the veining and seams will line up once installed. The rendering is completed prior to fabrication and emailed to the customer for approval. Digital layouts also eliminate the need to physically pick out and tag a natural stone/ granite countertop. This service is offered for quartz and natural stone/ granite countertops, as well as some solid surface countertops that have a lot of movement. *Not recommended for solid or countertops with low variation patterns.

Digital Coutertop Layout

Countertop Safety Corners

Safety corners provide protection from bumps and bruises to an individual, as well as by making them less prone to chipping from impact. Standard countertop corners are manufactured with a 3/4" radius. This investment option is available for quartz and natural stone/ granite countertops.

The safety corners are available in two options:

  • Safety Corner: 1-18"
  • Safety Corner Plus: 19-42"

Safety Corner

Countertop radius' shown in 1-18"

Safety Corner Plus

Countertop radius' shown in 19-42"

Enhanced Countertop Seam

According to the Natural Stone Institute, an acceptable seam is no wider than 1/8”, seams will be visible and seams can be felt up to 1/16". Our enhanced countertop seams are generated with an advanced machine that dramatically lessens the seam width, reducing the visibility of the seam, producing countertop seams above industry standards. In addition, they are less visible and less likely to require “fill” over the years due to repeated cleaning, cabinet shifting, and foundation settling. Available for quartz, granite, and solid surface countertops.

Enhanced Countertop Seam

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