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What our clients are saying

I really appreciated you MKD for making my kitchen look beautiful. Your company and installers were very professional and caring. Thank you so much I love my new kitchen!

Rita W.


The entire experience was fantastic starting with the measuring of the kitchen through the install. The staff here are very professional and respectful of my time and my kitchen. I would recommend them to anyone. My kitchen is beautiful!

-Steven A. 


Awesome experience. Products are high quality, installation effortless. Friendly and professional. Highly recommended.

-Lisa R. 


Awesome company to work with. They helped design our space. Easy to work with and great customer service. Will definitely use them again in the future.

-Val D.


MKD's customer service proposition is the best I have seen in my 45 years of serving kitchen remodel customers. The Townsend's treat their customer's kitchens like they are their own, and their craftsmanship and fabrication is second to none. This is a great company to do business with.

-Hal K.


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Why Choose Quartz?

  • Durability:
    • Quartz has a very hard surface as it is the second hardest natural material (next to diamonds), making it highly resistant to scratches and chips.
  • Stain Resistance:
    • It is highly resistant to heat, water, and stains, including stains from coffee, wine, acidic juices, oils, makeup and more.
  • Ease of Maintenance:
    • Unlike granite, quartz does not need to be sealed, making it easier to maintain over time.
    • Quartz is the only countertop material that contains an active hygiene system in its composition, making it extremely resistant to bacteria growth.
Quartz Countertops
Cleaning Granite Countertops

Why Choose Granite:

It’s impervious to grime.

  • Sealed granite countertops aren’t porous, which means they don’t absorb bacteria and dirt. Believe us, there’s no easier surface to clean when there’s been a spill!

It’s family-friendly.

  • Whether it’s hot pans, big spills, or dropped utensils, a granite countertop can take abuse. Who knew your countertop could be a source of peace of mind?

It’s extremely durable.

  • At the top of the toughness scale, granite countertops don’t dent, chip, or crack. In the extremely rare case that a countertop does suffer damage, it’s easy to fix.


  • Scratch and heat resistance. The likelihood of needing to be repaired or resurfaced is low. Requires sealer reapplication.

Exotic Options:

  •  Each slab is truly unique and unlike the next. 
  • Durability 

Learn more about our special offers that are available! 

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