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Kitchen Design Tool

Taking on a kitchen remodel is no small task. There’s planning, construction, budgeting, and not to mention a whole lot of tough decision-making involved in making your dream kitchen a reality. This is why we’ve created an online kitchen design tool that will help you visualize and plan your remodeling project. Our Kitchen Visualizer is an online kitchen design planner that allows you to easily test out various floor plans, countertops, color schemes, finishes, cabinets, and more to create your ideal space. Whether you’re starting from scratch with a new build or updating an existing kitchen, our kitchen design tool is completely free and available for anyone looking to bring a 3D version of their dream kitchen to life!

Kitchen Design Tool | How To Visualize Your Kitchen Plans With Our 3D Kitchen Design Software

Benefits To Using Our 3D Kitchen Design Software:

The benefits of using an online kitchen design tool are extensive. From choosing the perfect countertop and pairing it with cabinets that are just right, to discovering unique hardware that shows off your personal style. Our kitchen visualizer allows you to bring your ideas to life before making any commitments. Easily browse various big and small design elements, including backsplashes, appliances, cabinets, countertops, paint colors, crown molding, flooring, furniture, and more while you watch your vision come to life! Anyone looking to take on a kitchen renovation knows the list of to-dos can seem endless. This is why our kitchen visualizer tool gives you a clear picture of what you’re working toward, which helps you keep the end goal in mind throughout your entire remodeling journey.

Who Our Kitchen Design Tool Is For:

Our kitchen design tool is ideal for those in the beginning stages of planning a kitchen remodel. It allows you to try a multitude of countertop colors, materials, and brands. Including quartz and granite materials from brands like Silestone, MSI, LG Viatera, and more industry leaders. You can even request a free countertop quote when you find the perfect stone! Our design tool also features numerous kitchen layouts to choose from so you can that best suits your vision. As well as complete customization of every kitchen design element, from the countertops and backsplash to the floors and seating!

Planning Online With Our Kitchen Design Tool

These five steps (and one bonus, next step!) are a summary of the process you’ll go through when designing your kitchen with an online kitchen planner. Our kitchen design software goes above the typical interior design tools and allows for maximum customization of almost every element. It was developed to give you a clear picture of how you want your dream kitchen to look, and we hope it helps you conceptualize your ideal vision.

Five-Step Process To Planning Your Kitchen Design

1. Choose Your Room Layout

2. Start Designing: Select Largest Design Elements

4. Fine-Tune Your Design: Tailor Smaller Design Elements

5. Save Your Complete Design & Request Countertop Quote


Review your design with any contractors, professionals, and installers you hire so they can easily help you execute your design!

kitchen design software


How To Use The Kitchen Design Software

Now we’re going to break down each step of the design process and exactly how to use our kitchen design tool! Don’t worry if technology isn’t your thing – Our design software is extremely user-friendly, and you can always come back to this guide whenever you may need to!

Five Easy Steps To Designing Your Kitchen Online

Step One: Choose Your Room Layout

Kitchen Design Tool - Choose A Kitchen LayoutTo get started on our kitchen design software, begin by choosing from 12 unique kitchen floor plans.

Each kitchen layout gives offers various cabinetry systems, islands, peninsulas, and more. You’ll want to choose the one that best suits the vision you have for your kitchen. So whether you’re changing your floorplan or not, choose the layout that fits your design goals.

Our visualizer shows you the layouts in a basic 3D kitchen format in order for you to easily see which floorplan best suits you. When clicking on a floorplan, you’ll also see a completed version of the kitchen layout – decor and all – to give you a full picture of your selection.

As you can see, the below design showcases a complete picture of one of the floorplans featuring a combination layout – with an island and peninsula. As well as a custom island wine rack which we absolutely recommend! This 3D kitchen design inspiration was created on our kitchen design tool.


kitchen design 3D visualizer







Step Two: Start Designing

Select Your Largest Design Elements

You can start designing your kitchen by heading over to the upper left corner of our kitchen design tool. You’ll want to click on the “design” button and from there, we recommend going through each major design element, including upper and lower cabinets, countertops, center island options, and more. Before moving onto step three of the online kitchen design process, which is based on appliances and smaller design pieces.

Kitchen Design Tool - Choose A Kitchen Layout


Select from beautiful cabinet brands in a catalog of today’s most popular interior design colors.

Kitchen Design Tool - Choose A Kitchen Layout (1) Cabinets - top cabinet & top handle


Choose from a wide variety of countertop colors, including over 100 different granite and quartz colors.

Our granite, quartz, laminate, and solid surface countertop catalogs feature even more of our diverse selection. However, we feature plenty on our kitchen design tool platform, specifically our most popular countertop materials and best-selling colors. You’ll find some of the latest quartz and granite materials available in our kitchen design software, from some of the industry’s leading brands, including Silestone, LG Viatera, MSI, and more.

Countertop Colors


Have your choice of a wide variety of countertop colors, including overall different granite and quartz colors.


Step Three: Fine-Tune Your Design

Choose Your Smaller Design Elements

Backsplash, Hardware, Furniture, Countertop Edge Profile, Cabinet Trim, And Range Hood

Once you have the basics complete, you can begin going into the details of each element. From the cabinet hardware and molding to your appliance finish and faucet style, during the fine-tuning step, you’ll want to focus on the design details. After all, in the details lies the true secret to a great kitchen design.


Select from various appliances in an array of brands, including 21 ranges in styles carried by Whirlpool, GE, LG, Frigidaire. As well as 13 fridge finishes, 16 microwave styles, 21 range options, and 10 hood variations.

Dishwasher and fridge

Range and Hood Styles











Not every kitchen has a range hood, but if yours does, choose from multiple built-in hoods. Including metal hoods and cabinet hoods in various classic and contemporary styles. By choosing from real-life, industry-leading brands, you can note the differences between each brand and style, all without even having to go into a showroom. However, be sure to reach out when you are ready to check out countertop samples!

Step Four: Recieve Your Free 3D Kitchen Design & Project Estimate

Receive Your Free Kitchen Design & Estimate

Once you complete your kitchen design, you can choose to click save and send the design to yourself via email! You’ll have the ability to go back to edit your design as needed throughout your remodeling process. You also have the option to share your design and can send it to your own personal kitchen designer as inspiration for your vision.

free kitchen design quote

But before or after you save your project, you may want to click “quote.” You can then receive a kitchen remodeling estimate. You’ll be brought to the materials page on our kitchen design software and select from the elements in the photo below. Here is where you will select the materials you’d like to include in your complete kitchen remodeling quote. Basically, anything you expect to have done during your kitchen remodeling enhancements. This can include plumbing, countertop removal, faucet, and sink cutouts, edge profile, warranty, and more. While this is just an estimate, we hope to provide you with a ballpark number that can give you guidance on an estimated budget.

complete kitchen remodeling estimate


Step Five: Request Countertop Quote & Kitchen Remodeling Estimate

The goal of our Kitchen Visualizer Tool is to give homeowner’s the ability to take charge of their remodel.

By offering an all-in-one design tool that gives them the confidence to bring their dream kitchen to life. While we know kitchens, our specialty is countertops, and we would love to help you find the perfect countertop material, shape, and finish to complete your kitchen. You’ll have the option to request a free countertop quote for the quartz or granite material of your choice, in the dimensions and customizations of your choosing. Plus, as you’ll see in the next step, we’re here to help with your remodeling journey.

BONUS: The Next Step

When Planning Your Kitchen Design Online

Once you’re happy with the design, you can reach out to us for a free kitchen countertop consultation.  During your consultation, you can discuss with a countertop expert exactly what you’re looking for in a countertop. As well as review your design and work with you on completing the vision you have for your kitchen!

Happy Remodeling!

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